May 2022 – Newsletter


Instansies wat vir subsidies aansoek gedoen het, word deur die Departement besoek. Hierdie besoek het einde Maart plaasgevind. Volgens die Department is hulle met ons stelsels en data baie beindruk – ook omdat ons geld insamel deur ons verkope en fonds insamelings projekte. Ons hoop om spoedig van die Department te hoor of ons aansoek suksesvol was al dan nie. Ons aansoek beloop ongeveer R300 000 per jaar vir n drie jaar tydperk. [The Provincial Health Department inspected our premises and they were impressed by our record keeping and fundraising. Their subsidy, if granted, could be worth R300 000 per year for three years.]


For the past three months, we have achieved an income of over R30 000 per month through small donations and sales of books, bric-a-brac, jumble, and medical equipment rental. From 3 May Wendy Mathie has moved into the position of the fundraiser. We have sent out fundraising letters of request to twenty medical companies. Sadly, only three have deigned to answer, all negatively. We had hoped for donations that would have gone towards the payment of our nursing and caring staff.

“HIKE AND HOBBLE” from the top of Ouberg Pass to Nieu-Bethesda took place on the weekend of 8 to 9 May over a distance of about 50 kilometers. Some participants manage the whole in a day others overnight at “Rietpoort,” the farm of Dougie and Liz Stern, to whom we are most grateful for many years of hospitality during this annual event. Not all the sponsorships have yet been paid in, but we hope to have raised in the vicinity of R60 000. Thanks to Yvonne Drummond, Sharon Shell (who sadly had to pull out at the last minute through illness), and Eleanor Nel.

Thanks too, to our main sponsors PICK AND PAY and ATKV Spandau. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the Hike and Hobble event.

ON FRIDAY MORNINGS, two COFFEE AND MUFFIN MORNINGS, which co-incide with the weekly jumble sale, were held to increase income from our book and bric-a-brac outlet. These mornings have brought in about R3 500. Thank you to Lee Visser and Liz Buisman for their help. Thank you to Jill Rose-Innes who sorts and prices our book donations. Hospice has been invited to have a stall at the Union Pre-Prep Karoo Market arranged for May 28 during the annual stoep wine-tasting weekend.

Yvonne Drummond kindly organized coffee and eats for those who attended the sale of the late Hilary Palmé’s property. This netted us R2 300.

Thank you to Brian Hough, Babs Verwey, and Lize Gedenhuis who man the jumble outlet and sort and price the items.

Thanks to our donors who donate jumble, bric-a-brac, books, CDs, and DVDs.


Begin Mei, het Louise du Plessis by ons aangesluit as stafverpleegster in die verpleegdepartement. Sy neem oor van Wendy Mathie wat nou as fondsinsamelaar oorneem. Ons wens haar ‘n lank, geseënde en vrugbare tyd by ons. Een van ons versorgers is op langtermynverlof.  ‘n Voormalige versorger, Azola, bekleë huidiglik  haar posisie. [This month we welcomed Louise du Plessis as enrolled nurse in our nursing department. She replaces Wendy who is now fundraiser. A caregiver is on long term leave with health problems and Azola has joined us again to stand in for her. We wish our caregiver a rapid recovery.]


Camdeboo Hospice se Algemene Jaarvergadering het op Maandag 23 Mei plaasgevind in die Te Watersaal.  Alle opbetaalde Vriende Van Hospice is geregtig om te stem tydens hierdie vergadering. Dankie vir u ondersteuning.  Our AGM took place in the Te Watersaal on Monday 23 May. All paid up Friends of Hospice  are allowed to vote and the following members were elected as the Camdeboo Hospice Board of Governance: Gerald Buisman (Chairperson), Lee Visser (Vice-Chairperson), Brian Hough (Treasurer/Secretary) with additional members, Yvonne Drummond, Eira Maasdorp, Bruce Rubidge and Marlie van Niekerk.


In May there were 93 patients being cared for. Sadly 1 died. One new patients were admitted and one patients discharged.

The caring staff was informed about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Cystitis. Covid protocols have been maintained and stressed. Hospice nursing staff attended a zoom meeting of the Hospice Clinicians’ Forum on Lupus and pain management as well as challenges for nursing staff when doctors are not open to prescribing medication according to the World Health Organizations’s SHIP ( Stepwise Healthcare Intervention for Pain) protocol.

Donated clothing, wintergreen, aqueous cream ointment, and roll-on refills were distributed to patients as well as the usual food parcels.


Ons het gepoog om ‘n spoggerige vier ster gradering te kry, maar ongelukkig kon ons nie daarin slaag nie, omdat ons nie ‘n maatskaplike werker kan bekostig nie. Hopelik in die toekoms…………………. [Unfortunately this was not possible because at present we cannot afford a social worker – a future hope, perhaps.]


1.       Hou asseblief aan om skoene en klere in goeie toestand te skenk. Please continue to donate good quality clothes and shoes.

2.       Book, DVDs and CDs – keep them rolling in. Ons soek veral moderne Afrikaans boeke.

3.       Komberse kan altyd verkoop word of aan ons pasiënte in die winter uit gedeel word. Blankets donated can be sold or given to patients.

4.       Bric-a-brac sells well, so please remember us when you clear your cupboards.

5.       Please inform those who are sick that wheelchairs and other equipment may be hired from Hospice.

A WARM THANK YOU once again to our sponsors, donors, supporters, Friends of Hospice, and local businesses for their support.

If you do not wish to receive these newsletters in the future, please let us know and we will take you off our mailing list.

Please find Camdeboo Hospice at 18 Church Square Graaff Reinet

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