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  • Specialised treatment for patients who are not likely to be cured.
  • Focus of care: pain and symptom control
  • Aim:  to improve the quality of life of the patient and to help them to live as actively as possible while they are going through the experience of their illness
  • Patient and the family form the core unit of focus of palliative care
  • For people of all ages who are experiencing symptoms of a life-limiting illness.


  • Important part of quality health care.
  • It is not for the very last days of a patient’s life. A patient may access palliative care for years, months, weeks or days. 


  • Quality patient and family communication and updates – education on the illness, includes the cause, treatment, what to expect and the kind of help they can get. It is important for family to be included in the education updates and counselling as their support goes a long way regarding the care they wish to receive.
  • Pain & symptom control. Pain is the most feared symptom and is very distressing for the patient & their family. Individual pain assessment and treatment is offered. 
  • Planning for the future: to ensure the patient and the family experience the best quality of life and support possible throughout the course of the illness, including where the patient wants to be cared for and who should be the decision-maker when they’re no longer able to make decisions for themselves. Advance care planning is an important part of quality palliative care.  Patient’s preferences are clear and conflicts about decision-making are avoided. Confidentiality and privacy is essential and considered to be part of the hospice team’s responsibility.
  • Emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing – the holistic approach – helps patients find meaning in what they are going through and they and their families learn how to cope with the challenges they face.

Where is palliative care providedPatients usually choose to be treated in their own homes but may need to be hospitalised at some stage during the course of their illness.  Unfortunately most hospices have had to close their in-patient units because of the lack of funding to run such institutions.

Camdeboo hospice provides holistic home-based palliative care services.  Our team of 3 dedicated care-givers walk from house to house in their allocated areas visiting patients in their homes to provide comfort and support, not only to the patient but to all the household members.  They are equipped with basic home-based care skills and receive monthly in-house training from the head of nursing services.   Our professional nurse oversee the work done by the caregivers and provide more in-depth nursing care needed by the patients.


Why:  Access to appropriate care for those living with life-limiting illnesses especially HIV&AIDS, TB, cancer and  Motor Neurone Disease

WhatPain and symptom control encouragement with adherence to medication nutritional support for category 2 and 3 patients loan of medical                equipment provision of medical supplies support groups:  meet 3 times per month for motivation, peer support and spiritual encouragement

WhoAnyone and everyone.

WhenAs soon as diagnosis is received.

HowAsk for a referral letter from the clinic or doctor.  Professional nurse will do a home visit for assessment and registration.

Cost:   Nothing – we are a non-profit organisation.

Making a Difference

In the semi-rural areas of the Karoo many patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses do not have easy access to appropriate care: ambulances are scarce, taxi fares exorbitant, and the distances to the nearest public health care clinics are too vast for sick patients to walk in their weakened condition.  This means they are left at the mercy of their ill-equipped, desperate family and friends for help. 

This is the gap that Hospice fills:    

Hospice provides care and support to patients in their own homes.

During home visits, all family and household members are made to feel valued by:

  • Being trained on basic care and support of the patient in the home
  • Being educated on the prevention of the spread of the disease
  • Being tested and monitored regularly to ensure that they have not become infected
  • Being educated on basic personal and household hygiene
  • Being afforded quality time to voice their queries, fears and doubts and to receive re-assurance, comfort, encouragement and support
  • Having their social and spiritual needs attended to
  • Having Individual and family group counselling
  • Sharing sad and happy moments with someone who cares

Family involvement in a patient’s care promotes acceptance and understanding.  Families are empowered with knowledge and skills resulting in the community at large benefitting significantly from the services rendered, at no cost, by Camdeboo Hospice.

Hospice instils a sense of hope in the lives of people in the final stages of their illness by meeting the patients’ constitutional right to care and dignity in death.  



* Board Members are registered members of Friends of Camdeboo Hospice and serve on the Governing Board as unpaid volunteers.  They are the advisors and decision makers of our organisation.  These ladies and gentlemen are also responsible for fundraising and sustainability.

* A team of Friends of Hospice volunteer their time on a roster basis to help at our weekly jumble sales.


Members of the community are invited to become “Friends of Hospice” by paying a minimal monthly fee and to support us in all our endeavours to serve terminally ill patients in 4 towns. 

Friends of Hospice are entitled to serve on the Board and may, in turn, nominate community members to the Board.

Members are asked to help with all our fundraising efforts by promoting, buying and selling tickets for the events and donating and buying items to be sold at jumble and book sales.

support us and change the course of SOMEONE'S LIFE!

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