Camdeboo Hospice opened its doors in 1998. It is a non-profit, non-government organisation working in the Camdeboo District, Graaff-Reinet patients and their families.

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Under supervision of a CEO, Hospice employs officee staff, nurcing staff and caregivers. An annually elected Board of volunteers from the community governs the Hospice. Over 1000 patients have been cared for by Camdeboo Hospice since its inception and at any one time about 90 patients are being cared for. Funding comes from ongoing fund-raising activities, donations, and from other organisations such as the Department of Health.

Camdeboo Hospice fills a gap in health services by providing a holistic home-based palliative care service to patients and their families living with life-limiting illnesses in four semi-rural Eastern Cape towns:  Graaff-Reinet, patients and their families.  The Nursing Services Manager travels to the outlying towns each month to oversee the care of the patients and to monitor and support the staff based there.  

Hospice Professional Nurses receive intense and extensive training in palliative care and keep up to date on advancements made in this highly specialized field of nursing.   Their team of Caregivers are empowered with the necessary skills to provide an empathetic, efficient and professional holistic home-based service. Our 2 Nurses, working closely with the Caregivers, provide regular in-house and on-hand training and lectures on matters such as infection control, general hygiene, healthcare, bed-bathing, oral care, counselling, etc  

The Patient Care Program is led by our Professional Nurse in the capacity of Nursing Services Manager who oversees 2 teams:

  1. 1 x  Nursing Staff and 12 Home-based Caregivers who provide house to house care and support to people living with HIV & AIDS, TB, Cancer and Motor Neuron Disease.
  2. 1 x Supervisor, 1 Data Capturer and a group of 3 Counsellors on the HTS program. This team provides HIV and TB Awareness, Counselling and testing services  in the Dr Beyers Naude District Municipality.

Psychosocial services, including bereavement counselling and referrals to relevant specialists and/or government departments, is provided by our Nursing personnel.

A support system is in place for all staff, but particularly for the Caregivers, where they attend monthly individual debriefing sessions with a Professional Counsellor to motivate and encourage them to continue their services in what is often a stressful and sometimes traumatic calling.

Poverty relief is provided to our patients in the form of material support, but never in cash:  monthly food supplements are issued to paediatric, TB, Cancer and Category 2 and 3 HIV&AIDS patients;  medical equipment is loaned to patients;  basic medical supplies are provided;  donations of good quality blankets and second hand clothing is distributed whenever possible, etc    nursing 



To establish and control a Hospice program of total care, in accordance with the Standards of Care of the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa, for the terminally ill patient and his or her family, in a non-racial and interdenominational manner which provides:
  1. A multi disciplinary, co-ordinated continuum of community and hospital care.
  2. Palliative and supportive care to meet needs, which may arise out of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic stresses associated with the final stages of illness, death and bereavement.
  3. To promote within the community and within sectors of the medical services the concept of community care.


To ensure the best quality of life possible for patients and their families affected by life threatening illnesses.


Camdeboo Hospice provides holistic palliative care to patients and their families affected by life-threatening illnesses, through home based care, support and referrals to relevant partner organisations.


Contact Details: Mrs. Susan van der Linde – Manager/CEO

Cell: 076 510 1042 │ Email: [email protected]

Contact Details: Mrs Colleen Buckle – Fundraiser

Cell: 072 586 0182 │ Email: [email protected]

Legal Status of Oganisation

Non-Profit Organisation Exemption from taxes and duties in terms of Section 18 (a) of the Income Tax Act

NPO Number and Date of Registration

NPO 020-697 │26 August 2002

PBO Number


VAT Number


Auditor’s Details

Gerber, Botha and Gowar │ PO Box 203│Graaff-Reinet│6280│Eastern Cape



* Board Members are registered members of Friends of Camdeboo Hospice and serve on the Governing Board as unpaid volunteers.  They are the advisors and decision makers of our organisation.  These ladies and gentlemen are also responsible for fundraising and sustainability.

* A team of Friends of Hospice volunteer their time on a roster basis to help at our weekly jumble sales.


Members of the community are invited to become “Friends of Hospice” by paying a minimal monthly fee and to support us in all our endeavors to serve terminally ill patients in Graaff-Reinet

Friends of Hospice are entitled to serve on the Board and may, in turn, nominate community members to the Board.

Members are asked to help with all our fundraising efforts by promoting, buying and selling tickets for the events and donating and buying items to be sold at jumble and book sales.

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    In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make an EFT payable to “Camdeboo Hospice”
  2. In the reference line please note that it is a Donation
  3. Banking details:  Camdeboo Hospice,Standard Bank of South Africa LtdBranch  :
    Graaff-Reinet  :   050 116
    Account Number  :  082 511 403
    Type of Account  :  Current
  4. Please mail donation payment proof if Section 18A certificate for financial donations are needed to: [email protected] | [email protected]

    All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.