Winter 2021

In the last newsletter, it was mentioned that Camdeboo Hospice was about to appoint an enrolled
nurse. We welcome Wendy Mathie, who is a fully trained paramedic. Apart from assisting the
professional nurse, she will be responsible for public outreach and education. Her appointment is
part of our strategic planning which includes registration as a grade 4 Hospice. At present we are in
grade 3. The higher the grade the better chance there is of obtaining funding.
At present Wendy is focusing on world Cancer Day, World Aids Day, and World TB Day and how the
community, especially families, can care for sufferers. October is world breast Cancer month. She
will be talking to various civic organizations on these topics.

Sadly, Camdeboo Hospice is saying farewell to Colleen Buckle who has decided to retire for health
reasons. This is a great sadness to her and to Hospice, where she has been a familiar and smiley face
for almost twenty years. Colleen first started to work for Camdeboo hospice as a volunteer in 2002
and was appointed full-time in 2004. Her title during that time has changed from assistant to the
manager to admin manager, to public relations manager. Because of her long time at Camdeboo
Hospice she has become the keeper of the organization’s institutional memory. We shall miss her. A
small farewell function, complying with Covid regulations, will be held on Friday 13 August at 11h00.
Please contact Susan by phone at 049 892 4608, if you wish to attend.

As a result of Colleen’s retirement, Camdeboo Hospice is looking to employ a public relations officer
to work a six-hour day. The post is being advertised in the “Advertiser” and on the web. The
applicant should, amongst other things, be bilingual, good at spoken and written communication,
able to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. as well as planning and
organization. The successful candidate will need a valid driver’s license. If you are interested, or if
you know of someone who might be interested, please contact Susan at 049 8924608 during office

We live in difficult times. This is especially so for Sister Loretta and our caregivers, Jeanine, Regina, and Charmaine. Some of them have had to undergo covid testing and isolate themselves three times
during July. So pray for them or hold them in your thoughts as they go about their work of
compassion. To help them stay positive and focused they are debriefed by our counselor, Louise
Cruickshank, when necessary. In fact, all Hospice staff members are debriefed by Louise once a

Susan our manager and detailed expert reports that during July there has been an average of 91
patients. Of these 22 are children under the age of 17. Amongst all our patients, 38 suffer from cancer; 35 other chronic illnesses; 3 are disabled, 56 are HIV positive and 4 have TB. If these figures
seem to add up to more than 91, it is because some patients, sadly, suffer from more than one of
them. The total number of interventions at 2082 has dropped a little owing to staff covid isolation.

To those who help Camdeboo Hospice by sorting and pricing books, bric-a-brac and jumble, and by
capturing data.
To those who support our jumble, bric –a-brac, and jumble outlets by purchasing goods.
To our donors, and paid-up Camdeboo Hospice members, and our Board members for their
attendance at meetings and their ideas.
To our donors, corporate, private, and those who supply us with books, clothes, bric-a-brac, etc.
To Charles and Eira Maasdorp on the sudden passing of their daughter, not a patient. Eira is a
founder of Hospice.


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